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Feeling Abandoned by her sister and betrayed by her family, Sarah Grey takes it upon herself to lift the vale of secrecy that shrouds her life. However, the revelations wrought by her journey may not lift the burden, but may in fact add to it. 

Director's Statement

I had several ideas floating around when looking to create this short, but since this was to be a self financed project, I needed to create something that was not just captivating, but logistically feasible.  A pitch by Daniel Tysdal titled ‘No filter, No makeup’, caught my attention. The pitch was an experimental short that portrayed how easy it is for one to be deceived in a world where social media has blurred the line between what is reality, and what is fantasy. The influence that such a thing has on the mind can lead one to believe things about others and themselves that are not really true. Thus, I saw an opportunity to take the themes from the pitch and create something relatable, to take those ideas and place them into a real-world situation.

As I wanted to tell a story about real human interaction, the whole idea of deception through social media and its ability to distort what we perceive to be our reality, is where I believe the importance of this film lies. It is by no means the focus of the project, but it is corner stones that enables our character to go through the things that she does.

When it comes time to start a project, the first thing I consider is how I want the audience feel while they are watching. For me, I tend not to look at other films alone, but also other mediums, specifically music; the audio play an equally important role as the visuals, and both mediums can generate emotion independently of the other. So I Looked for a feeling, and took it from there. Once that was established the first thing I wrote after the outline was the ending; as it is the last thing the viewer takes with hem I always felt that it is paramount. 

The production of the FILTERED when quite smoothly. I was fortunate to find a very talented and dedicated crew who gave it their all everyday.  In regards to my cast and crew, their talents were a blessing as I like to keep an open mind while directing, I always like to hear the opinions and ideas of the crew and the cast since I feel that film making is a collaborative process and as such everyone should feel free to speak their minds. After all, films are made for audience, and I like to believe that the people involved are part of said audience. As a result, I can honestly say that their input created a better film.

Ultimately, the true test of a films success is in how it is received by the audience.  I never set out to create something revolutionary; I instead something conclusive. I want the audience to watch the film and be left feeling as though they watched something more than just a short, I want them to feel that they took part in a story that had an ending.

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