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I spent many long years looking for an avenue through which I could express my various artistic mediums, but ultimately only really made sense: Video.  There is, in my opinion, no greater canvas upon which to create worlds. And it is on that canvas that I stake all my ability, ambition and motivation.  


I initially started out as a traditional artist, but quickly moved to digital once I got a hold of Adobe Photoshop 6.5 some one hundred years ago.  But even before that, I knew I wanted to create living worlds, even going as far as to create full animated sequences in PowerPoint and Microsoft Paint. It would be many years later when I would be introduced to 3D applications such as 3D Studio Max, and more impactfully, Adobe After Effects.


Tools however are one thing, telling a good story is another. And that is ultimately what I try to do; create a worthwhile story, in a captivating world. Whether it's for myself, or a client, being able to project a world that captivates an audience, for any purpose, is paramount.


  • Award of  Excellence - 2015:  ​Breakthrough (short)

  • Award of Excellence -2016: Rendezvous (short)

  • International Black Film Festival  Official selection 2018: Filtered (short)

  • International Polish Film festival Official Selection 2019: Filtered (short)

  • Liftoff Film Festival Online Selection 2018: Filtered (Short)

  • Award of Merit- Canadian Shorts Film Festival  2019: Filtered (short)

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