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A Ghostly Infatuation

Soul to body represents a connection made between two dimension of lovers. One party willing to love the other unconditionally. The song was created from the beginning with the intention of creating an atmospheric feel, mixing the tangible with the intangible. The sounds selected carry a trance like feel to compliment the lyrics connecting both elements of each party. Tru Wilki the artist in the song tries to get with a beautiful girl though warned of the troubles that haunt her, and that if he connects with her on a personal level it would ruin him. He refuses to accept such a fate and pursues her regardless of the warnings of her seductive reckless nature.

The Visuals on the video add a twist to enlighten this seduction by having Wilki find this girl as a ghost in a haunted house. This merges the two dimensions of the spiritual and the physical; representing the theme soul to body. The artist is Amazed by her exotic nature and curiosity gets the best of him. He falls into a state of obsession and begins to pursue her throughout the house. Blinded by lust in a mirage of love, he soon to finds he’s too far in to get out


​Dania Wilkinson

Tru Wilki

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