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Composing stories. The importance of music and audio.

The film is more than just a visual medium. It's an Audible medium as well. When it comes to telling a story I feel it is just as important too hear it as it is to see it. Thus when combined, the audience is given the means to feel it. Music and ambience bridges the gap between what we see on screen, and what we feel in our hearts.

The sounds presented to the audience can completely change how a scene is perceived. For example. a close up of someone's eyes cam be interpreted as ominous to one tune, yet sad to another.

I believe without a doubt that a film is only as good as the sum of its parts. Everything matters. As such I had to be super careful when it came to selecting the right sound for breakthrough. The most important part of that process? Asking my self what I wanted the audience to feel at Any given point.

With a short film you have very limited time in which to convey a message. The most effective way of doing this is through audio. Through this means the audience can see a photograph. And with a few words and the right music and atmosphere, they can preserve the entire history of a character. In that minimal moment they can understand stand everything from their success, their joys and their hardships. Well, if done correctly of course.

Breakthrough shows but one moment in the life of a doctor, but the objective is that through the beauty of its music, and the complexity of it ambiance, that her entire life story will be told. whether or not i'm successful in achieving this will ultimately be up to the audience to decide.

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