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The Conception of 'Breakthrough'

Breakthrough is representietive of many things. It was conceived I initially as a portfolio piece, but as time went on I realized I could make it something much, much more.

Short films have primarily been reserved, historically, for a very small market. More often than not they are stepping stones for those who aspire for much larger, more feature rich things. Breakthrough is unremarkable in this sense. However what makes it remarkable, at least in my eyes, is it's low comprimise objective.

Many of the short films I've come across are either made by professional studios with ample capital, or by amateur filmmakers with little to none. I am obviously of the latter. As a result, most short films ignore a visual effects heavy concepts and focus on a character based piece. 'Breakthrough' is again unremarkable in it being a character driven piece; when you only have 10-20 minutes it tends to have to be (it would be impossible to create relation to multiple characters in such a short period of time). I however decided to do both. I was not in the position to acquire any professional equipment, I had little budget and no reason for anyone to take it seriously. What I did have was an idea and a will to bring those ideas to fruition. Breakthrough stands to represent a landmark in amateur film making. It stand to show that anything dreamed can be achieved so long as we're willing to put in the hope.

So here's to creativity, hope, dreams, intuition and maybe, naivety.

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